Ratlam Police arrested rapist

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Ratlam Police arrested rapist

Police arrested for months
7 absconding, the absconding ten thousand was rewarded.
As part of a campaign to arrest criminals, who were absconding by  Superintendent of Police,  the police station Namli received the information of the accused ,who were absconding in the rape on the information of the informer, on which crime number 363/19 sections 363, 366 ( A), (B) and under Section 5 (M) / 6 of POSCO Act, absconding accused Babu father Lakshmi Narayan Kumawat ,resident Namli, who escaped after the incident of rape with a 4-year-old girl, rewarded ₹ 10,000 for her arrest. Was declared successful in arresting the accused. Which court will be presented Ratlam.
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