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Machhaliya Ghat 

 Fake jam seems to be long jam on N.H.A.I.
 Department gave instructions to the agency to fix the road and bridge culvert at the earliest.
To go to Indore from Jhabua via Rajgarh, one has to cross the fish area to cross the fish, from car jeep to truck drivers have to smell a lot.
On the way to Jhabua, the fish are in the pit at the beginning of the ghat so that if the driver does not take any precautions, then a big accident can happen, Mahabili is on the base. Jyoti is single lane and if any vehicle comes in front, then the vehicle coming from the opposite direction has to stop and here the jam section starts jamming in the ghat residents say that many times in a day or night Jam seems to be jammed many times, but the jam of big vehicles seems to be long, sometimes even on the ghat, even beyond the Sai temple, it gets jammed for more than half an hour. Also the view was such that when the fish kept jamming on the ghat due to the overcrowded culvert and the jam kept on increasing and the queues of vehicles increased, the fish jammed on the ghat so much that the vehicles would take more than 1 hour to gain speed poked outnHAI Late Engineer told that I search Mahavir Sharma Agency has been instructed to repair the road and culvert. Recently the disorganized road on the culvert acquired for the facility has been fixed by JCB but the problem does not end here It will not be until the fishes of the road on the ghat and the overgrown culvert are fixed
Although fishes are always prone to accidents due to large pits on the pier, the negligence of the N.H.A.I department is that if the accident happens then it will be very big which will be attributed by N.H.A.I and the agency M / s Mahavir Sharma.
The work of Barhar plane road is still lying in the balance, the old tenders have been disco and the process of new has not started even if the process has started, then this year also the vehicles will not get the pleasure of plane road at Machlia Ghat.
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