Jhaba begun hotspot of corona

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Jhaba begun hotspot of corona 
--Daily corona ifected cases are increasing , sampling being shorted because 40 kits left.
 In Month July Corona is growing rapidly and is still in need of the sampling.  Every day average 4 to 5 patients are being found, so samples of their relatives and relatives have to be taken out.This is not being done here, in this situation, Jhabua residents may face a lot of problems. If the number increase , then the  sample may be sent for testing to Indore or elsewhere.now after lookig these dangerous situation the adminstration have to take a big desision for preventing the jhabua.
Republic MP Team
राज सोलंकी प्रधान संपादक 9425033133
रिंकेश बैरागी संपादक 9340677929
जितेंद्र सिंह सिसोदिया सह संपादक 9827735800
पवन प्रबंध संपादक 9826695898
विजय वसुनिया जिला संवाददाता 969125447

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