Grand success of Jhabua police

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 Grand success of Jhabua police

Police dab 2 section 4 absconding - Police got involved in catching the miscreants while planning the robbery. Success.

On Friday, the police held a press conference and told that Khaki, on the information of Mukbir, gave a plan to catch 6 miscreants while planning the robbery. As a big success, the police got hold of 2 of the 6 miscreants while making plans.
Police Captain Ashutosh Gupta in the case said that it is a big success, that crime cases have been registered in 4 districts on these miscreants, and reward has been announced in 3 districts. In which prize 20 thousand has been kept in district Jhabua, reward 30 thousand in district Dewas and 30 thousand has been kept in district Dhar.
These dacoits were planning behind the waiting room near Doctor Valley on Jhabua-Para road. As soon as Mukhbir was informed, the Hamarah force of Deputy Inspector Kesarsing Pandav, Sauni Ramesh Chandra Gehlot and Para Chowki caught 2 accused while 4 accused with strong grip managed to dodge the police by taking advantage of Andher.
Caught 2 crooks Kasam father Dallu Desai 20 years, Mahesh alias Dinesh father Barang Bhuria 22 years. These accused used to stop the vehicles with stones and then put chillies in their eyes and threatened them with gun bags and carried out the robbery.
The police captain said that on 16 May 20202 in Jhabua, he looted more than 35 thousand rupees, while in Tonkkala in district Dewas, he looted 12 kg of silver, 250 grams of gold, 4 lakh rupees in cash. In which he was also assaulted and Suresh Soni died during treatment. Along with this, Nokia Mobile, a 13 kg gold topped, 2.5 kg silver in Dhar Police Station Bagh.
In district Dhar Pithampur, 20 kg of silver, 200 grams of gold were robbed. In the said work, the work of the team of TI police station in-charge Kotwali Surendra Singh was commendable.
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